Workshop Aim: To find your natural version of confidence and impact through self-discovery and skills practice

This two-day workshop supports professionals to find their personal version of confidence and impact. Many of us don’t identify with traditional or more alpha models of assertiveness, power and success and there can be a tendency to inaccurately perceive shortcomings, rather than valuing our differences.  This interactive workshop introduces participants to a new way of looking at confidence. The first day focuses on building inner self-confidence and the second day looks at how to bring that feeling of inner confidence into the world, looking at techniques for confident public speaking and networking that value difference.

This programme for women is one important part of the multi-faceted response required to gain equality, recognising that an effective and inclusive approach requires looking at societal and organisational culture, leadership, employment legistlation, the working parent penalty, history and much more.

Having more confident women, who are supporting and championing each other, won’t eliminate unconscious bias, but it will empower more women to call out bias when they see it, put themselves forward and take more risks. This will see more women (including working parents) moving up the ladder, which in turn will provide the much needed role models, mentors, sponsors and inspiration for women following below.


  • Increased confidence in yourself and your capabilities
  • The ability to sell yourself in a way that feels authentic
  • Greater awareness of any inner critic voices holding you back and new skills to manage them (Imposter Syndrome)
  • Greater awareness of the impact of work pressure and new strategies for managing it
  • Increased confidence in communication and public speaking, based on your version of presence
  • Valuing the equal power of introverts and extroverts
  • A strong community of peer support

The workshop is highly interactive, and will suit participants who would like to work on increasing their inner confidence and who are willing to be open-minded and to try new concepts and creative ways of learning.


“I’ve attended numerous courses over my career but I’m struggling to think of one that has had quite such an impact as yours. I came out buzzing with inspiration and ideas – and several days later I’m still feeling it.”

Anna Hollaway, Head of Global Sales Strategy and Planning, BBC

“This is an incredible course! Fiona is a world-class facilitator and every woman in our company should do this course.”

Alice Ryan, Head of Research and Insight, BBC

“I used to be very busy comparing myself to others.  This group coaching has enlightened me to the power of owning who I am and what I offer.  I realised the value of my own personal range and I definitely don’t need to be the one shouting the loudest and taking all the light, in order to make my impact at work – and in the world.  Liberating!”

Louise Phillips, HR Business Partner

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