AIM: To provide leaders with a common philosophy and approach to performance management, and enhanced capability and confidence to put it into practice. The workshop will provoke thinking, engage interest and provide space to practice the skills needed to bring a high performance culture to life.

We believe that there are four fundamental levers to creating a high performance culture:

  1. Role modelling
  2. Alignment of Mindsets & Values
  3. Leadership Capability
  4. Supporting HR tools and processes

Our two-day Leading Performance workshop focuses on numbers 2 and 3 – Alignment of Mindsets and Values and Leadership Capability.

Alignment of Mindsets & Values

Our aim is to provoke thought about what performance management means, and to explore how it is currently working within this organisation. Why is performance management such a loaded term, often regarded with cynicism?  What is needed to move from mechanical HR ‘processes’, towards inspiring and meaningful performance conversations? We use systems coaching tools to give the group a fast and accurate picture of current mindsets, and encourage healthy debate.  Finally, we engage the whole group in the definition of the new vision and values for ‘new world’ performance management.

Leadership Capability

The end of day one and the whole of day two is focused on leadership capability, specifically in four areas:

  1. Awareness of Impact: Getting clear on my style, strengths and potential pitfalls in performance management. Each participant needs to complete the MBTI + a reflective questionnaire, and have a short coaching session in advance of the workshop to prepare for this.
  2. Relationship Intelligence: Getting the best out of others begins with relationship intelligence. I must be able to create positive, respectful relationships with my direct reports – even the difficult ones. Without those foundations in place, no amount of training or tools will create optimal performance in others.  The latest thinking from relationship thought-leaders like CRR Global, Gottman and neuro-leadership, provides essential context for relationship building.  This is then brought to life in a confidential action-learning conversation based on one or two live case studies offered by participants.
  3. Challenging Conversations: One of the biggest blockers to high performance is the avoidance of uncomfortable conversations – we all do this sometimes. Even though a topic is important, we worry that people will react in unpredictable ways – by getting upset or becoming hostile, for example. In private, leaders frequently admit that they dread certain conversations, for fear of hurting feelings, challenge, confrontation or embarrassing emotional outbursts.  So we put the conversations off, or cross our fingers and blunder straight in.  How much better it would be to make these conversations work for us. By anticipating difficult topics, practising them in a safe space, and reminding ourselves of our skills, we’re much more likely to emerge with a good outcome.  This section of the workshop will help prepare for any challenging conversation that participants need to have in relation to performance. Learning will be based around a realistic scenario that participants choose at the start of the session.  They will have the opportunity to learn and apply a simple method for preparing for challenging conversations, and then spend focused time in pairs defining approach and practising key elements of the conversation.
  4. Defining Outstanding Performance: Unless you can describe what outstanding performance will look like for a particular role, you’re unlikely to get it.  Working with live case studies, we demonstrate how to create an inspiring vision of success for any role, including measures for the less tangible elements of performance, like impact on colleagues.


By the end of this two day workshop, you will:

  • Have explored your own thinking and values in relation to performance management, what it means for you and what can sometimes stop you doing it well.
  • Have contributed to a company-wide process defining the future vision for performance management.
  • Be clear on your personal style, strengths and potential pitfalls in managing performance and getting the best from your direct reports.
  • Have learnt some key principles of relationship intelligence and dealing with difficult people, and had the opportunity to apply them to real life case studies of your own or your colleague’s.
  • Feel more confident and ready to have challenging conversations about performance with your direct reports.
  • Know how to set clear expectations and create a shared sense of what excellence will look like, and how it will be measured, for a particular role

What our clients say

“..The most useful management development I’ve ever done, and I’ve experienced a lot! Grounded in real life, felt personal to me not just text book theory, kept my interest for the whole course”

“I wish I’d known this stuff about relationship intelligence years ago. It will make a massive difference not just at work but for all my important relationships”

“I definitely feel ready for a conversation I’ve been putting off for some time, and much more clear about why it’s important to bite the bullet”

Participant feedback from a recent programme with a financial services client in the UK.

“White & Lime designed and ran a Leadership programme for us, starting with a session for the Board. The workshop felt different straight away – commercial, innovative, thoughtful and different to many other programmes I’ve experienced.  I met Kate during this programme and pretty quickly afterwards, hired her as my Coach.”

Mark Briffa, CEO, Air Partner

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