In addition to our standard one-day team development programme, we also offer bespoke team development.

It’s often assumed that a group of high performing individuals will automatically make a high performing team, but it takes great skill and dedicated practice to learn to trust each other, handle conflict and work with differences. Silo’d and competitive thinking still exists in large organisations, and genuine, deep trust between colleagues can be elusive.  Pressure of work and the distractions of the digital age can further undermine this lack of connection and trust.  If your people hesitate to say openly to their peers that they’ve made a mistake, or that they are worried about their ability to deliver on a project – you are under-performing.

We work with teams in diverse settings; from start ups to family businesses to FTSE 100s. We help them to optimise both team performance and their collective impact on the rest of the organisation.  Our facilitators design engaging and purposeful bespoke team development programmes – from one-off events through to 18 month programmes. We use our own White & Lime diagnostic and mindfulness tools, as well as drawing on systems thinking, and tools like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the TMSDI, FIRO-B, Thomas Kilman, and the Five Dysfunctions model.

Our systemic approach reveals what’s currently happening within the team. The group is encouraged to voice all perspectives, even the less popular ones, so that it becomes more self aware and better skilled to work with conflict and generate robust, positive debate.  Once the team has a strong understanding of itself, and a sense of collective responsibility for team performance, solutions naturally emerge.

Our team of facilitators have established track records in the business world and have been trained in Systems and Organisational Coaching, by the world leading Centre for Right Relationships (CRR Global).


We have run team development programmes for a wide range of organisations across different industries including RSA Insurance, QBE, Aviva, Thomson Reuters, Allied Irish Bank and Save the Children.

  • We worked with a Leadership team in a tech company where the context of crazy pressure and rapid organisation change was pushing the team members apart. Blame and defensiveness had become entrenched and everyone was frustrated by repetitive and un-productive conflict. We educated the group about what healthy conflict looks like, and used a systems lens to help them take shared accountability for performance problems. Relationships are vastly improved, optimism is running high, and the department’s business result is significantly improving month on month.
  • We helped the CEO of a media company to transform the way her direct reports were working together.  Although as individuals their performance was good, there was little co-operation and support between the Directors. We designed and ran an eighteen-month programme which drove significant improvements in levels of trust, open debate, commitment, accountability and attention to results.

 “White and Lime worked with us to help surface objectively – and very sensitively and constructively – the barriers and enablers that exist in our different styles and capabilities as a management team. They married great skill with humanity and candour, and helped us find ways to work together even better – to listen more constructively, to partner with one another better where needed and overall to lead the business forward with clarity and alignment.”
Hugh Derrick, Partner at eatbigfish

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