We offer a standard one-day team development programme, for teams who are already functioning well and want to take their collective performance to the next level. This programme also works well for teams who are relatively newly formed and want to get to know each other better and create a solid foundation from which to work from.

Based on Lencioni’s model[1] and our systems approach, this one-day event combines team coaching with training to build more trusting and effective teams.  Run with intact teams, ideally starting with the executive leadership team, this programme leads to better overall team performance by creating:

  • Better awareness of current team dynamics and strengths
  • Increased trust and understanding of each other
  • Agreed protocol for healthy challenge and conflict
  • Shared commitment to an effective way of working together
  • Stronger relationships and sense of belonging and engagement

Our team of facilitators have established track records in the business world and have been trained in Systems and Organisational Coaching, by the world leading Centre for Right Relationships (CRR Global).


We have run team development programmes for a wide range of organisations across different industries including RSA Insurance, QBE, Aviva, Thomson Reuters, Allied Irish Bank and Save the Children.

  • We worked with the executives of a Belfast headquartered bank, who needed to establish excellent team-working in the context of massive organisational change and intense workloads. We created a bespoke team day, combining our expertise in stress management and team development.
  • We helped a team of lawyers to accelerate trust with each other, enabling them to have more open team conversations. Ultimately, this led to better collective output as they found better ways to work that increased focus and quality.

“The team coaching exceeded my expectations. It made all the difference getting the professionals in, they created a bespoke approach for my team that was exactly right, made astute observations, and left us with a plan that was easy to implement.”
Finlay Smith, Director, QBE Insurance Group

“Everyone came away feeling re-energised and with set goals, objectives and action plans. The feedback was really great and this is definitely something I will revisit.”
Rachel Naughton, Head of FSG, Allied Irish Banks Group (UK) plc

[1] Lencioni (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) has demonstrated that humility-based trust is a prerequisite for a high team performance. Members of great teams trust each other on a fundamental, emotional level; they are comfortable to be open about their weaknesses, mistakes and fears and they can engage in completely open “no filters” conversations about every important business issue.  This is critical to business success because it enables healthy conflict – passionate dialogue and disagreement on major decisions – the absence of which undermines decision-making.  When all ideas and potential pitfalls are openly discussed, team members are more confident they have chosen the right outcome and therefore more committed to implementation and more likely to naturally hold each accountable for performing.

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