White & Lime is a people development consultancy that specialises in calm, confident performance.

Our mission is to create a calmer, braver and more effective working world, for everyone.

We change workplace cultures: improving the way that everyone works and leads, so that everyone can benefit.

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“The work White & Lime do is more than just brilliant development and coaching – it’s life changing. I have seen them transform teams, inspire individuals and enable top performance through helping people to grow their own confidence. There is something very human, real and connected in the way that Kate and Fiona work. I am lucky to count them as trusted advisors.”

Sarah Morris, Group HR Director, Aviva plc

“As a result of this coaching, I have streamlined my work methods, hit challenging financial targets and tripled the value of my business. I’ve also taken more holiday than I have had in years.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone wishing to up their game and get more balance.” 
Gareth Lloyd-Williams, Financial Advisor, St James Place Partnership



Why White & Lime?

Our name reflects the contrast within our approach, between the conventional and the unconventional. We have corporate backgrounds and are commercially minded, yet our methods are fresh, bold and un-expected – a dash of Lime!  We use alternative approaches from around the world, drawing on the latest Neuroscience, Eastern mindfulness practices and Californian coaching methods.